July 30, 2015

Chromebook Management Console

The other day I got an email from a teacher requesting information about Google's  Chromebook Management Console. Her school is deploying Chromebooks and she had some questions about the Chromebook Management Console and how many licenses were needed. Her question had a couple of layers one being managing devices and the other dealt more with filtering websites on the new devices.

Management Console

  • Admins manage devices using a browser, preferably Chrome
  • one time license purchase per device
  • license good for the life of the device
  • allows Admins to manage users
  • configure Chrome features
  • Admis can add Chrome extensions & apps to some or all devices
  • manage devices by organizational unit

Security and Filtering Sites
Feedback I received from several Google+ friends unanimously suggest using GoGuardian to manage website access. GoGuardian filters work even off campus. when the student takes the device home. This is a real plus when you are extending the learning outside the classroom.

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