August 17, 2015

Google for Education Certified Trainer Application Submitted

In the last week of June, just about seven weeks ago, I started working on my Google for Education Certified Trainer application. What a learning experience it has been for me. I feel I know myself better now than when I started. 

Back in June I started planning things out. There were many questions: 
  1. Should I do my Training Resume first or should I start with the Case Study?
  2. Do I fully understand the requirements?
  3. How much time do I have to submit?
  4. How do I sell myself to Google?
  5. What should be the topic of my demo video?
  6. Can I say all I need to say in a three minute video?
  7. What if my video is too long, after all I am Italian and can ramble on forever, or worse yet too short?
  8. Who should I ask to be a professional reference?
  9. How do I organize all my presentations to really showcase my Google skill set?
  10. How can I figure out what makes a good video application demonstration?
  11. Is what I should avoid as important as what I include in my video?

Thank you.Now you know why it took me seven weeks.  

I will expand on these questions in future posts. Do you think you know how I answered some of these questions? Let's see. Continue the discussion in the comments below.

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