August 27, 2015

Using Google Forms to Collect Student Back to School Informaton

Back in June I was working with a group of elementary school teachers in a Summer Tech Academy sponsored by the Connelly Foundation. We were talking about different ways teachers can use Google Forms to ease their workflow. 
One of the ideas discussed involved using Google Forms to collect student information. All teachers, young and old, see the process of collecting student information, as a Back to School ritual. Some break out the index cards while others copy, collate, and staple a blank information packet for their students to take home for their parents to complete and hopefully return to school. Google forms can replace the index cards and information packets by providing a digital copy of the information for the teacher. Because the information is stored in Google Drive, it is available 24/7 from any device with Internet access. 

In the following video I demonstrate how to make a copy of a spreadsheet that has a form to collect student information. The form was designed for use with a high school class but can easily be edited to suite your needs.

Click this link to add the spreadsheet and form to your Google Drive. 

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