September 24, 2015

Google for Education Certified Trainer

In the middle of August I wrote a blog post when I submitted my Google Trainer application. The whole process took the better part of seven weeks dating back to the end of June. Today I received an email from Google accepting me into the Google for Education Certified Trainer program. To say I am excited, anxious, ecstatic is an understatement. 
Acceptance into the program will help me help other teachers in the future. As a Google for Education Certified Trainer, I will have access to other Google Trainers, Tips, & Tools all of which will help me help other educators. 
I look forward to learning and sharing, all I learn about Google Apps for Education, well into the future. 

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September 6, 2015

Ninja Program

The Ninja Program is a great find.  I just came across this site the other day. The possibilities are endless as a resource for student in-class instruction and faculty/staff Professional Development. The site offers training in all Google Apps for Education products. When you register on the Ninja Program site you need to let the site know if you are an Educator or Student as there are two sets of lessons for each application. 
Educators get lessons designed to assist teachers in using GAFE in their classroom. Students are provided with lessons to help them use GAFE for research, learning, and classroom productivity. Upon successful completion of each App's lessons, the teacher and student are instructed to take quiz. the quizzes have around 40 questions and a passing score of 80% is needed to gain an Achievement Certificate for that particular app. The color certificates can be printed out and are suitable for framing.

I found the lessons to coincide with the old Google Certified Educator now Google Trainer Essentials study guides. My plan is to have my students create a Ninja Program account in the second week of September. I think I am going to ask if I can have space in the hallway outside my room to post pictures of my students with their certificates. I might look at putting a monitor with the program information in a continuous scroll highlighting their achievement.

As mentioned earlier, the Ninja Program is also a good Professional Development tool for faculties and staffs. When we get back to school this week, I will be getting this information out to my fellow teachers. Since the work can be completed at the learner's own pace, there isn't a need to work on this program in formal training sessions. Teachers can work on the program online whenever they have the time. Like the students, teachers will be able to print out Achievement Certificates for each successfully completed training module. If teachers need assistance, they can see one of several GAFE experienced teachers in the school for assistance. 

I am looking forward to working, learning, and sharing with my students and fellow teachers using the Ninja Program this year.

Special thanks go out to Master Ninja, Jeff Utecht for making it possible for countless numbers of teachers and students validate their Google Apps knowledge using the Ninja Program

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September 3, 2015

Share to Classroom Chrome Extension

Check out Google's latest addition to Google Classroom. This is big. The Share to Classroom Chrome extension allows teachers to push web pages out to their class instantaneously. This will definitely help with classroom management. Students will not be fumbling around trying to type in a url. Students can also push pages to their teacher allowing for sharing, collaboration and more effective planning.

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