November 3, 2015

10 Ways to Help Students Become "Future Ready"

Matt Miller, author of DITCH THAT TEXTBOOK, recently wrote a post titled "10 Ways to help students become "future ready".  I follow Matt's blog and find his posts insightful and pretty much relevant to today's student and classroom. This one was no exception and spoke to me even louder than some of his other posts.
His list gave me things to think about while at the same time validated some of my current classroom practices. One of his lead ins reads "We can’t keep teaching as if the world is static and will always look like it did for us." Let that sink in for a minute. Can you wrap your head around that statement? Does your classroom have the same look and feel as it did even five years ago? Are you changing to accommodate today's student. Today our challenges, as a classroom teacher, are as different as the classroom full of students in front of us.

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