January 12, 2016

Are Your Students Pretenders - Part 2

As a follow-up to "Are Your Students Pretenders in a Digital World?", I would like to think about how our students use technology and electronic devices. I am not only looking at how they use them in and educational setting but also how they use them in their personal life. 

My school started issuing iPads last year. This being our second year of the program, all 9th & 10th grade students have an iPad at their disposal 24/7. We use AirWatch to manage the devices. Over the summer the iPads were wiped and a re-imaged using AirWatch. In the beginning of the school year the iPads were distributed with a catalog of apps to be used for educational purposes. The apps in the catalog were suggested and agreed upon by the 9th & 10th grade teachers. 

I am going to make it a point to seek out 9th & 10th graders and pick their brains about their use of the iPad for personal learning or how is it used outside of school. I'm curious to learn how they use the iPad as a tool and not a toy both in and out of school. I see a lot of game playing when I sub one of the classes that have iPads. I need to take a more active role in discovery how the iPads are being used by our students. 

I will keep you updated on this topic.

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