Blogging Guidelines

The blog is your personal space. Do not use it to disrespect or defame anyone or anything. If being used with a class, the blog should be considered an extension of the classroom. Classroom protocols should be adhered to at all times. Use common sense when posting or commenting.
When posting a comment to this blog, please follow these suggested guidelines.
  1. Comments or posts may not include information that might identify any student, teacher, parent, or school staff member.
  2. If you do not have permission to write about someone only refer to them with their first name or initials. Never use last names without permission.
  3. Post safely. Do not post your or someone else’s personal information. Do not include phone numbers, home addresses, emails, or member names used on social media sites.
  4. Check over yours posts & comments for spelling and grammar errors prior to posting. Copy and paste your post into Google Docs or Word to check for errors before posting.
  5. Always use complete sentences with proper grammar.  A blog is a professional space and is not a place for “Text Speak”.
  6. Pay particular attention to and abide by copyright regulations when posting images, sounds, or excerpts from Internet sites. Check out Content Curation: Copyright, Ethics & Fair Use.

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